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ductless air conditioner

Ductless Mini Splits

No ductwork? No problem. Thanks to American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning ductless systems. That’s because these energy-efficient systems forgo the ducts in favor of a pair of indoor and outdoor units to heat and cool your home.

Our Ductless Air Conditioner systems are flexible, efficient, affordable, and quiet. Several units also double as heaters in the fall/winter seasons.

Whether it's with an American Standard unit or one of our other brands, we have a solution to address your specific Ductless Air Conditioning needs.

Why Choose Us for Your Ductless Air Conditioner Needs

Weaver Heating & Cooling is a licensed and insured heating contractor and air conditioning specialist that has been providing HVAC services to homeowners and businesses throughout Indiana since 1972. We have the credentials to prove we are reliable professionals, so you can rest assured that when you choose our heating and air conditioning team for your HVAC needs, you're sure to be well taken care of.

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Are ductless HVAC systems right for you?

Ductless HVAC systems are the perfect way to get cleaner, more comfortable air flowing into a home that has no central HVAC system. They also work great when you’ve put in an addition that’s isolated from the existing ductwork.

They provide durable, energy-efficient heating / cooling solutions and more control over the air quality of specific areas. You can implement single-zone climate control and manage the temperature from room to room giving you modular control.

What Makes Up A Ductless HVAC system?

Read on to learn about the various options available to you to customize your ductless air conditioner system exactly as you need to fit your home.

concealed indoor ductless air conditioner

Concealed Indoor Units

Want to preserve the flow of your home's aesthetics, but need an indoor unit for your ductless system? The 4MXD8 is a perfect option. Offering a SEER rating of 16.00 with flexible mounting options, this unit is a great way to heat / cool a room interior with out an unsightly bulky wall mount.

Console indoor ductless air conditioner

Console Indoor Units

Mounted near the floor or ceiling, the 4MXF8 Console is a perfect option for small space heating / cooling. Featuring a SEER rating of 16.00 with specially designed vents to minimize operation noise, this unit looks smooth and operates seamlessly into your system.

Cassett indoor ductless air conditioner

Cassette Units

Mounted flush in the ceiling, this unit is another out of sight option. Coming in with a SEER rating of 16.00, the 4MXC8 comes with wired controller displaying temperature, operation mode, and time settings. This unit like almost every other indoor unit comes with an auto cleaning function, sleep function, memory function, and turbo function.

outdoor ductless air conditioner

Outdoor Units

Placed outside your home near the building, outdoor units like the 4TXK27 heat pump bring the whole ductless air conditioner system together. Coming in with a SEER rating of 27.00, this heating / cooling unit is very efficient, and comes with several features. Intelligent defrost automatically runs to keep the unit running and helps save power. 

4MXW27 Indoor high wall Ductless Air Conditioner

Our Most Popular indoor ductless air conditioner unit

Sporting a SEER rating of up to 27.00, the 4MXW27 Indoor High Wall Heat Pump is a small space heating and cooling powerhouse. With it's quiet operation and flexible efficient setup, this unit is perfect for most homes in need of space heating and cooling with out ductwork.

The 4MXW27 comes with multiple functions. The Turbo function provides temporary high-speed operation to reach desired temperatures quickly. The Sleep function automatically adjusts temperature based on a set sleeping time, saving energy cost. The auto clean function runs the fan when the unit is stopped to prevent bacteria from building up. The memory function remembers the last settings used in case of power loss.

Lastly this ductless air conditioner comes with a timer, wireless remote, and a unique filter which removes up to 95% of potentially harmful bacteria.

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