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Winter Savings Event

HURRY! Sale ends February 28th, 2019.

American Standard ACONT824 Wi-Fi Thermostat- Save energy by using the programmable settings. Prevent frozen pipes by using the Wi-Fi connection to your phone. This thermostat sends alerts to your phone so you can monitor your heating and cooling system while you are away from your home. Regular price $498.00 Sale price $445.00 Total Savings $53.00

American Standard Humidification System- Reduces static electricity, bloody noses, and dry skin. Regular price $575.00 Sale price $498.00   Total Savings $77.00

Air Filters and Indoor Air Quality Management

American Standard AccuClean Electronic Air Cleaner- Helps reduce odors, flu viruses, germs, and allergies.
Regular price $1,575.00 Sale price $1,288.00 Total Savings $290.00

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