Gold Level Humidifier

Whole-home Humidifiers

With our whole-home humidifiers by American Standard you can improve the comfort of your home's humidity drastically. These systems are designed to work hand-in-hand with your HVAC system to deliver the right amount of moisture, improving performance and comfort.

Often paired with an air cleaner / filtration system, our humidifiers range from a single unit coverage area of 3,000 sq ft to 5,000 sq ft. Our Platinum series features remote mount capability to add installation flexibility for larger more spacious homes.

Why Choose Us for Your Humidifier Needs

Weaver Heating & Cooling has been the heating contractor homeowners and businesses trust for quality HVAC service since 1972. Along with our extensive expertise in the HVAC industry, Weaver Heating & Cooling is also a member of the Nexstar Network, an American Standard Customer Care Dealer, and has been the recipient of the American Standard Outstanding Dealer award every year since 2000. Weaver Heating & Cooling stands apart from the other HVAC service providers in the area because of our excellence in sales to quality services and consistently high rate of customer satisfaction.

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How a whole-home humidifier benefits your family

During colder months, indoor humidity is a significant contributor to your comfort. It also helps in other ways:

Potential Energy Savings

Humidified air feels warmer, so you can set your thermostat lower during the heating season. Even a few degrees consistently adds up over the course of a season or even annually.

Reduced Static Electricity

Humidified air reduces static charge in the air, meaning less surprising uncomfortable shocks and frizzy hair and clothes through out the day. 

Wood Shrinkage

Wood shrinks as it drys out, keeping your home humidified means less shrinkage of woodwork around doors, windows and floors. Additionally unsealed or untreated wooden furniture can benefit from the use of a humidifier.

Need Help?

To help you to find the system right for you we conduct an in-depth analysis of your home and comfort needs. With that information we will recommend a system that works best for your home.

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